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Reusable Hair Remover Magic Fur Cleaning Brush

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 Electrostatic Dust Brush is suitable to be used on clothes, sheet, pet, bed, sofa to remove hair, dust, fur, lint and etc. With double sides design and electrostatic adsorption principle, it can help you clean more efficient and faster. What is more, there are two types of brushes, large size and small size, the large size is suitable for using at home, and the small size can be carried in your bag. The difference between this two sizes is, for the big one, you can take the brush out from its shelf, for the small one, on the opposite, you cannot take it out, but the shelf can be used as a handle. In addition, the brush is durable with ABS material, and it also has strong adsorption because of polyester silk bristles. There is no hesitations to buy it. 

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